Founding Director, CPR Family

Georgia Montgomery, CCE, CBE, CLE, BLS

           CPR Family Course Participation Card


Georgia is an leading educator at San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. She developed these classes to answer the need in the community for clear, concise and useful family-focused education, with an emphasis on infants and children. Her background as a Postpartum Doula, Birth Doula and hospital instructor has greatly informed her teaching and the creation of this program. Following American Heart Association guidelines, her classes provide cpr and choke-saving techniques as well as safety and prevention tips. Her classes are fun and interactive; recommended by leading Pediatricians and OB/GYNs. She has worked with parents-to-be and newborns for over 20 years. Her work teaching Childbirth and Newborn Care classes in hospitals and having raised three children of her own, helped her to develop these unique baby- and family- centered classes.


Instructor/Health Educator

   Shanda Manion, BA, BLS

Shanda is CPR Family's most valued contributor and a very talented instructor.



  • She is a CPR Instructor certified by the AHA in BLS
  • ICEA certified Childbirth Educator currently teaching Infant and Child CPR classes
  • Currently teaching Childbirth Education Workshops at UCSF hospital, as well as the CPR Family program for Infant/Child CPR
  • .She works full-time as a health educator in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The CPR classes last approximately two hours and cover Infants: Newborn to the age of One Year, and Children: One Year to the Onset of Puberty

CPR Family classes were formed to accomodate the busy schedules of parents and caregivers by providing concise, fun and informative Infant/Child CPR

and Pediatric First Aid courses. Our program was developed with these things in mind:

1) The need for current, relevant information for the safety and well-being of infants and children, with detailed focus on infants

2) The need to safely and comfortably learn the skills they need, without over-exertion or uncomfortable positions

3) The need of nannies, babysitters and postpartum doulas for special information provided by instructors trained in infant care



CPR Family Certification


CPR Family Course Participation Card Our students can request a Family Caregiver Certificate which reflects competency in performing the skills necessary to provide Infant and Child CPR and Choke-Saving techniques or Infant/Child First Aid, taught following current national guidelines. This certification is highly recommended and referred by Bay Area Pediatricians and is valid for doulas, babysitters and nannies and relatives who give care to young ones, in a family setting. This certification is meets requirements by the DONA (Doulas of North America) to satisfy requirements for Postpartum Doula Certification.


*For some state-required certification, a full-day course may be required, which includes Adult CPR training. Please check with your supervisor to determine whether this certification will fulfill employment requirements.