CPR Family in Marin and San Francisco Bay Area

A 2 Hour Infant/Child CPR, Choke-Saving and Safety Class

in accordance with Current National Guidelines


In your home, pre-school or local venue.

Especially great for Mother's Clubs and new parents!

Your pre-crawling baby is welcome.

A fun and affordable two-hour class.

A hands-on class using mannequins- easy for Spanish speakers.

You will:


 Learn to recognize an infant, child or pre-teen in distress.

 Learn to perform emergency measures for choking.

 Learn to perform CPR on infant or child who is not breathing or is without a heartbeat.

 Learn hands-on techniques, working with infant and juvenile manikins.

Be confident that you can handle an emergency for infants to pre-teens.

We provide:

 Handouts including Safety Tips and CPR/Choke-Saving "At -a Glance"

 Certification Card issued at the end of class, through CPR Family

Classes sell out -

please register in advance to be secure your spot

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August 27 2017

September 11 2017

September 17 2017

October 12 2017

October 22 2017

November 6 2017

November 19 2017

December 3 2017

December 13 2017


What They Say

"Thank you! I took your class when I was pregnant, and it saved my son's life! When he was 6 days old, he turned grey... I gave him the rescue breaths you taught us, and he immediately responded... We ultimately spent 3 nights in hospital with him. He's fine now, and you'd never guess he'd had a problem!"

Vicky K. Marin


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Email: cprfamilybayarea@gmail.com